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Day X – The Wedding

My big adventures in France started with a good friends wedding. I was hoping to have purchased a good flash by the time I arrived but that didn’t happen. I wasn’t really planning on taking any pictures at the wedding since not only was I in the wedding party and probably wouldn’t have time, I also suck at photos of people. While it is something I want to work on, it really isn’t in the direction I want to take […]

I am Ready!

So I am pretty much packed and ready to go. I leave tomorrow night and I am sure I have everything. GPS has all 6 routes that I am planning on taking I have searched and added over 75 locations that I can shoot (not all will happen) Printed out reservations for all hotels and have them in the GPS as well Canon T1i Lenses & Hoods : Canon 17-40mm, Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon 55-150mm, Tokina 11-16 5 memory cards […]

GPS and Google Maps

So my big planning session for the Trip to France has been going on for a good few months. I am pretty much finishing up, but I thought I would share the process I went through. Finding the Stops: The first thing I did was decide on the places I wanted to stop for the night. My wife had convinced me not to go all the way down to Nice as it was two pretty long drives in a row. […]

Dream Camera

Every time I see an image on flickr that impresses the hell out of me, it is taken with this camera. Of course it isn’t the camera that makes the photo, but there is just something about the full frame 5D that gives images a certain feel that only the 5D can. I have read the debates about full and crop sensor, and the one major reason I want to get this camera is the brilliant images it takes at […]

Banff National

The second part of my trip to Calgary took the family into Banff National Park. I had seen some great images from the area, and I assumed I would be able to get at least a few. As before, this was a family vacation, so there was little time for me to get out to take planned pictures. It will be nice if my kids start getting into photography because I would love to take them along to some of […]

My Next Dream Lens

So I am a bit under internal debate. I have been checking out the Canon 24-105 f4 EF L lens recently and I was pretty sure that this was the next good lens I wanted to buy in the next few years. It had been labelled as one of the best travel lenses you can buy, and the range seems pretty perfect when I look at the images I usually take with the Canon 14-40mm I have been using for […]

The Badlands

Dinosaur Alley

While on my family trip to Calgary, we decided to visit the Dinosaur National Park as well as Drumheller Alberta. I have 2 boys under nine, so it is to be expected. The first day we drove out to the National Park to visit a dinosaur dig site (people digging, not dinosaurs digging). The landscape totally changes in 5 minutes from rolling farmland to cavernous badlands. If I was to say it was hot, it would be an understatement. It […]


Cottage Country

A close friend of mine has yearly get togethers up north. It usually happens late August and signals the end of summer. Due to his wedding in  September in France (You should know about it by now), it was moved to earlier. The previous year I had just bought my Canon T1i and had  a blast fooling around with night shots. I figured out I would try to push the camera’s high ISO to the max. I haven’t been extremely […]

The Train

Summer in Montreal

I went out a few nights ago to take sunset pictures. I had been aching to get out on a nice summer night to try a new spot Nick and I had found. I wasn’t able to find anyone to go with, so I packed my stuff and went out solo. With potential fireworks that night as well, I figured maybe I would try those out after. I was able to find parking easy enough and got to the water […]