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New Backpack

Since I returned from Paris, I have been driven to getting a backpack rather than a messenger type bag for my camera equipment. I want something I can carry onto a plane, hold all my stuff, as well as let me travel comfortably through France next year. I saw the Tamrac 5786 Evolution 6 Backpack/Sling Pack in a magazine a few months ago and wanted it. It acts as both a backpack and a sling which is great, has all […]

Museum Night

Paris – Travel Photoshoot

The trip to Paris was fantastic. When I reviewed my photos, I really didn’t see much I liked. It wasn’t until I dug a little deeper that I started to feel more comfortable with the images. There really seems to be an auto-focus issue with my camera. I am not sure if the Canon T1i just has lousy AF, or I am doing something wrong, but the focus is pretty soft. It is probably a little of both, but I […]

Getting ready for Paris

So It has been 10years that I have been married to my wife and we are off to Paris for a long weekend. I have everything I need. While my main reason for going to Paris is to spend some quality time with my wife, I should be able to get some great pictures. Would love to take some night shots of Paris. I have a travel tripod that I am bringing (cheap Staples buy) and can fit it in […]

Moon Rising

First Nights in Ontario – Night Photoshoot

On a trip to Ontario with the kids, I really wanted to do some night photography. Landscape & Night Photography is where I really want to shine as a photographer. I had done a few tests with 2-3min exposures off my front balcony, but I really don’t have much of view and there is an orange hazy everywhere. On the first night in Ontario, I set up a lawn chair and my tripod and ran through a couple of 3-5min […]

My Camera

A buddy and I have been discussing cameras lately and we have both come to the conclusion that the Rebel T1i is a good fit for what we are looking for. We both really like photography, but are unsure if we can keep it up. I want photography to be my one good hobby, but as you can see from my past, that doesn’t always turn out. The Canon T1i is a perfect entry into DSLR Photography. While it is […]

The Intro

In 1990 I was in love with photography. I had taken a couple of photo classes and was using a Pentax K1000 to shoot images in both Black & White and Color. I was taking all types of photographs – from street shots, portraiture, architecture & landscape, even going as far as fooling with Infra Red film. I even was a darkroom monitor and had a fine selection of photo paper sitting in my home. Buying a camera, a good […]