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Summer in Montreal

The Train

I went out a few nights ago to take sunset pictures. I had been aching to get out on a nice summer night to try a new spot Nick and I had found. I wasn’t able to find anyone to go with, so I packed my stuff and went out solo. With potential fireworks that night as well, I figured maybe I would try those out after.

I was able to find parking easy enough and got to the water just before sunset. I composed my shot and took it pretty easy, waiting until the right moment. I was using my Tokina 11-16 which had provided pretty good results so far.

I was finally learning to take my time with the pictures, and it help that it was warm enough to just sit back and relax. I remember reading an article about photographers taking books with them to keep them occupied while they wait. Sounds like a good idea, but I would probably miss the shot if I did that.

Using my GND filter, I got a few ok shots of the skyline. The sunset wasn’t really spectacular and there wasn’t much color in the sky. The one thing I have to start doing is learning from sunsets to see if I can judge when I am going to have a good one. I know clouds are key, but I really need to know more about the different phases.

After about 20 minutes I assumed sunset was pretty much over and  I started walking farther into the park/path. I found a great train bridge and was able to capture a train going by during a long exposure (Image Above). The orange of the lights and blueness of the sky really made the image pop. I tend to like ‘Blue Hour’ rather than sunset for cityscapes.


As I walked back to the car, I noticed how cool the city was looking as it started to get darker. I changed lenses to my Canon EF 17-40 since my Tokina was a little wide, and I really wanted to start using the 17-40 more. I was able to get the awesome shot above of the Montreal Skyline as my last shot of the night.

I ditched the fireworks and went home pretty happy with the shoot.

A Few Comments from the Shoot:

  • Study different phases of sunset
  • GND comes in handy again
  • Cityscapes look great during ‘Blue Hour’
  • I have to start using my other lenses more. The 17-40 is an awesome lens



3 thoughts on Summer in Montreal

  1. Hi,

    Welldone for this nice shot of the Skyline. I just arrived in Montreal, and I am looking for a great location to take a shot like that. Could you please tell me where you were?!

    Is it at the Parc de la cité du Havre?!
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hey Kevin,

    It’s pretty funny to read this today as I decided to go alone Yesterday to this same spot thinking I’d get a good shot of the Skyline during Sunset.

    Also with my new Tokina 11-16! 🙂 I’m actually just getting back into photogrpahy again so still learning but got a couple good shots of long exposure at night lately.

    The Sunset wasn’t all that great and the 11-16 was just too wide for where I was so I popped in the 50m static and managed to get something a little better.

    Took a lot of shots but wasn’t quite satisfied until it was really dark and the light from the building started to really show. I think I might have spent 3 hours there, most likely took more than 80 pictures and I’m pretty sure I’ll be lucky if I get 2 good pictures out of this lol.

    Anyway, even though your post is from 5 years ago it was fun to read you and connect. First time on your blog, I’ll browse around a bit to see what you have on this, not even sure if it’s still active.

    If you’re instagram feel free to add me I’d be curious to follow your work!

    Have a good one fellow photograph friend!

    • Francis, funny we had the same issue with the Tokina being to wide. I have only been to this place once. The Montreal skyline is probably one of my popular photographs, but I hate it 🙂 . I have been trying to find time to go back when I can get a pure reflection in the water. It was a little to windy for what I wanted.

      The Train Bridge turn out with what I was intending. Maybe before the leaves fall this year I’ll try one more time. Will have the check the wind before I head down 😉

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