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Testing Out Manual Focus

Test Shot - Manual Focus

I had to drive up north again, so I was hoping I could visit Rawdon to try to get my focus in check. The weather was nice and gray again, so after I was finished my errands, I started to drive back home. Off Highway 15, there is this great old drive-in theater. It is now just a vacant lot, but the old metal screens are still there and I have always wanted to stop. I got a little lost finding the place, but once I had my GPS turned on I was able to track it down.

I decided all the picture I would take would be Manual Focus, so I got set up and took a few shots. Again, I forgot to make sure all my settings were perfect, and though I had my ISO set to high (giving me grainy shots), the focus and clarity of the shots was pretty good. I will keep giving AF a try, but for now I will trust manual focus up until I get proven wrong.

A Few Comments from the Shoot:

  • Check your camera setting before you shoot.
  • Manual focus seems to be working better, but not fully convinced just yet.
  • A GPS can help you find places you see, but can’t find a direct path to.

Images from the Shoot:

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