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Celebration of Me

One of my images (Seen Below) was used for Bell at the 2012 Celebration of Light festival in Montreal. I was really excited as well as honored to have my image used. I had taken the image the winter prior from one of my favorite spots. It was taken just after a fireworks display on the way back to the car. I liked how the treatment makes the ice glisten, almost like diamonds. The image was used both for the […]


Little Cabin on the Farm

After Christmas, we visited my wife’s uncle near Rawdon. We had a great dinner and then went outside to play in a large pile of snow that was piled up by the plow. The land is an old farm that sits next to where my wife’s grandfather had his farm. It is a large plot of land with the typical odd building sitting here and there. One of the structures is the sad looking building seen below. I loved this […]


Out with the Kids – Cap Saint Jacques

I took the boys out to mess around in Cap Saint Jacques one winter afternoon. It was  around sunset, so I was hoping that while I was there, I might be able to capture the another great sunset like the one the year before. When we got by the water, the ice was still pretty thick, so I wouldn’t be getting the reflections I had achieved last year. The kids started playing with the ice that had washed up and […]

The Car Rental

Here is the cool car I got to drive around it. Was really nice ride and fun to drive.

Day X – The Wedding

My big adventures in France started with a good friends wedding. I was hoping to have purchased a good flash by the time I arrived but that didn’t happen. I wasn’t really planning on taking any pictures at the wedding since not only was I in the wedding party and probably wouldn’t have time, I also suck at photos of people. While it is something I want to work on, it really isn’t in the direction I want to take […]

I am Ready!

So I am pretty much packed and ready to go. I leave tomorrow night and I am sure I have everything. GPS has all 6 routes that I am planning on taking I have searched and added over 75 locations that I can shoot (not all will happen) Printed out reservations for all hotels and have them in the GPS as well Canon T1i Lenses & Hoods : Canon 17-40mm, Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon 55-150mm, Tokina 11-16 5 memory cards […]

Preventing Camera Shake

During my first few months back into photography, I was a king of camera shake. It wasn’t really something I was paying too much attention to, but my images were definitely suffering from it. The ‘way back’ area of my brain remembered a shutter speed vs focal length method of calculating how fast you can handle a camera hand-held, so I dug a little deeper to find answers. The rule of thumb is that your minimum shutter speed should be […]

The View that Started it All

So, I found it. I worked my way back using Google Maps & Street View and found the exact spot I took the picture 10 years ago that is causing me to drive Nice to Grenoble. You can see the small clump of buildings on a little hill with mountains surrounding it. At the time, the clouds were pretty low and you could see them passing halfway up the steeple. I figure the weather won’t be the same, but I […]

Getting ready for Paris

So It has been 10years that I have been married to my wife and we are off to Paris for a long weekend. I have everything I need. While my main reason for going to Paris is to spend some quality time with my wife, I should be able to get some great pictures. Would love to take some night shots of Paris. I have a travel tripod that I am bringing (cheap Staples buy) and can fit it in […]