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Day 4.2 – Annecy

Night Castle of Annecy

I arrived in Annecy, checked into the hotel and started to walk around. The one thing I must say about Annecy is it is a beautiful town. I could probably have spent 5 days here taking pictures. It has a very medieval feel and is sort of a mini-Paris mixed with a little Geneva and a very little bit of Venice. It was pretty busy with tourists, and would have been great for street photography. Not really being good at it, I didn’t really try.

On the way back to the hotel, I took the below picture. I had seen the view as I drove in, so it was where I had headed as my primary stop. The sky wasn’t particularly interesting, but the mountain in the background gives you a good perspective of the city. I don’t believe I took my tripod out for this shot, but it probably would have been a good idea as there is a little bit of camera shake. I could have also run at a lower shutter speed and been able to get a better/calmer reflection in the water.

After my first round of walking, the entire trip finally caught up with me. I was exhausted. I went back to the hotel and just slept for a while. I decided that I was way to tired to wake up early and hit Mont Blanc on my route to Beaune. Using my GPS, I plotted two routes. One straight to Beaune called ‘Really Tired’ and one picking up the planned route in Switzerland (dropping the first part). This way I had three different routes depending on how I felt in the morning.

I pushed myself to go out and grab a bite to eat, as well as photograph some night shots. I knew I wanted to get a picture of the church at night (Main shot from this article), so I headed over there right after eating. It was pretty crowded, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable pulling out my gear. I tried two different angles with the above being the best. I do find however, that the 7D has really strong greens compared to my T1i. I will have to look into it, but it forced me to adjust the color balance in post-processing.

I knew I had gotten a pretty good shot, so I walked along the water and back to the hotel. I was still pretty tired, so I really didn’t have the strength to stay out. I did however try to find a store where I could buy a bottle of water, but nothing was open. It was the weirdest thing, I looked everywhere. I finally was able to buy one from the hotel for about 2 euros.


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