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Dinosaur Alley

The Badlands

While on my family trip to Calgary, we decided to visit the Dinosaur National Park as well as Drumheller Alberta. I have 2 boys under nine, so it is to be expected.

The first day we drove out to the National Park to visit a dinosaur dig site (people digging, not dinosaurs digging). The landscape totally changes in 5 minutes from rolling farmland to cavernous badlands. If I was to say it was hot, it would be an understatement. It is the desert, but it was about 30 degrees and bright sun. I had my camera and took a few interesting pictures, but most of my time was spent searching for dinosaur bones with the kids, or wiping sweat off my forehead.

It was a lot of fun, and if you getĀ  a change, I would suggest going there. They also have a tour of the park at sunset for photographers who want to take sunset pictures. If I had time, I would have definitely done that, but it will wait until next time.

We started to drive to Drumheller where our hotel was located and where we would spend the next day. During the drive, there were 3 spots I really should have stopped to take a picture. Again it is the issue with not stopping to get the shot. I will have to overcome this.

The first shot was a small barn in the middle of a huge wheat field, the second was of bright green rollingĀ  hills with hundreds of rolled hay bails on it, and the third I actually don’t even remember. We got to Drumheller and prepared to visit the Dinosaur museum the next day. The museum was located in another stretch of the badlands. After a quick visit we took an interesting path that gave a few decent shots. The shot above, and below were taken in that area.

It wasn’t as hot as the National Park, but we were still pretty tired by then end. As we started to drive back to Calgary, I was looking for spots to stop. I was going to take advantage of things I saw today unlike what I did yesterday. I was able to take this great shot that mimics what I had missed out on the day before.

A Few Comments from the Shoot:

  • Very Important – Stop when you see something and take the picture already
  • This trip was a good mix of getting in family photos and photography. On family trips it is really about the family

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