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Extension Tube Madness

While making a purchase on Amazon.com a while back, I found a set of extension tubes for 15$. Because of the price, I really wasn’t expecting much, but bought them to give them a try.

They were pretty hard to use, but I had a lot of fun with them. There is no automatic focus with them, so I found the easiest way was to set everything manual and move my camera back and forth the focus. It didn’t work perfectly, so I started taking multiple shots while I was moving and just picking the one that had the best focus.

Depth of field is pretty much zero. You get a very thin plain that is in focus. I used my 18-55mm lens and different focal lengths. My next test will see how different focal lens effect the result. I am sure I can pin down the best lens to use these with and then try out some other items as well.

I have pretty much decided that this method will not due of any moving objects. Insects and windy days will be out of the question. If I ever get some extra cash (enter laugh track), I would be interested in pickup up a macro lens.

Here are a few of the photos:

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