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Long Exposure & ND Filters

Test Shot - Long Exposure and ND Filters

When I bought my new lens, I was cross-sold a filter set. It had a UV and Polarizer filter, but the one I was most excited about was the ND filter. I wanted to work with ND filters for a while, and I’ll write an article about them when I get a chance. What I have is a 0.6 filter which according to what I read gets me 2 stops of fun.

Trying to get at least one good sunset picture, I headed to the shore at just the right time. There are two things I would like to say about the weather. It was extremely windy and really really cold. The wind was a factor in taking long exposures and using branches as framing really doesn’t work with that much wind blowing it around. I played with my new long lens, but had it mounted on a tripod and forgot to take off the Image Stabilization. All the images were blurry.

The ND shots were pretty cool. You can check two of them below, and my comments best describe why they aren’t great shots.

A Few Comments from the Shoot:

  • Daylight is still too light to get the misty water I was going for. The shots that turned out were once the sun had just gone down.
  • Again, composition is the main thing to think about, just doing long exposure is great, but you need the composition. There really wasn’t a great shot from where I was, the shore on the other side was pretty ugly.
  • Really windy days are hard, you have to want the picture to have that windy look unless you have a pretty fast shutter going on.

Images from the Shoot:

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