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South Carolina – Sunrise Attempt

After I was pretty successful taking sunrise picture in Myrtle Beach last year, I was looking forward to using some of my new gear when I went back this year. The toughest part of sunrise pictures is you really have no idea what you are going to get until you are out there. Clouds are your best friend, but as you walk out in pitch black, last night’s weather forecast only gives you a fuzzy idea of what you are […]

Celebration of Light

Montreal High Lights Festival

After my photo shoot at the ice hotel, I hit the other part of the Montreal High Lights Festival on Nuit Blanche. I had organized a meetup with the local photography group, and there was a good amount of people that came out to the shoot. It was also a good time for me to check out the Bell booth that my photo was being used for. It was pretty cold out, so the group dispersed pretty quickly, finding their […]

Celebration of Me

One of my images (Seen Below) was used for Bell at the 2012 Celebration of Light festival in Montreal. I was really excited as well as honored to have my image used. I had taken the image the winter prior from one of my favorite spots. It was taken just after a fireworks display on the way back to the car. I liked how the treatment makes the ice glisten, almost like diamonds. The image was used both for the […]


Little Cabin on the Farm

After Christmas, we visited my wife’s uncle near Rawdon. We had a great dinner and then went outside to play in a large pile of snow that was piled up by the plow. The land is an old farm that sits next to where my wife’s grandfather had his farm. It is a large plot of land with the typical odd building sitting here and there. One of the structures is the sad looking building seen below. I loved this […]

The Stare

Birthday with Wolves … and a Fox

We had decided to celebrate my birthday by signing the whole family up for a ‘Breakfast with Wolves’ event at the Montreal Ecomuseum near our house. While taking pictures in a zoo seems to really be against the whole ‘wild life’ photography image, I brought my camera to practice. Carrying your camera everywhere is one of the top five rules to improving your photography, so I packed a few lenses (longest focal lengths possible). We arrived early and were welcomed […]

Ice Hotel, Montreal

Once a year Montreal has a winter event called Celebration of Light. It gets cold here, so we celebrate what we can. One of the highlights is the Montreal Ice Hotel, and the local photography meet-up group planned on attending one very cold night. I arrived a little early after taking shots of the Montreal Underground, so I walked around a little with a friend before meeting up with the group. We talked a little, compared gear and then headed […]

Main Frame

Montreal Underground

I have been envious of some of the images coming out of northern Europe showcasing some of the modern architectural design that can be found in that area. While Montreal isn’t as old as some of the cities in Europe, it has very little modern design, or at least the type I am looking for. I had seen this location before and sort of knew where it was. I had walked past the entry way of the ‘Corridor’ during a […]


Out with the Kids – Cap Saint Jacques

I took the boys out to mess around in Cap Saint Jacques one winter afternoon. It was  around sunset, so I was hoping that while I was there, I might be able to capture the another great sunset like the one the year before. When we got by the water, the ice was still pretty thick, so I wouldn’t be getting the reflections I had achieved last year. The kids started playing with the ice that had washed up and […]


Rawdon Waterfalls – Winter Phootshoot

It had recently snowed and I had a new camera, so it was time to head down to Rawdon for a seasonal Photoshoot. I had a few places I wanted to revisit (Rawdon Waterfall being one of them), so I had an itinerary planned. I didn’t have anyone to head out with me, so I was going it alone. I stopped by a few locations on the way that I had spotted last year. There were these interesting red crops […]

Krakow Nights

Poland Photoshoot

After France, I traveled to Poland to meet up with my parents and brother. Being of Polish decent, it was the perfect time to visit my father’s birthplace.  I landed in Poland without any incident and walked out to be greeted by my father and uncle. We traveled back to the hotel where I dropped of my luggage and headed out with the family to visit the old city. It became apparent that I wouldn’t have much time to really […]