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Montreal Underground

Main Frame

I have been envious of some of the images coming out of northern Europe showcasing some of the modern architectural design that can be found in that area. While Montreal isn’t as old as some of the cities in Europe, it has very little modern design, or at least the type I am looking for.

I had seen this location before and sort of knew where it was. I had walked past the entry way of the ‘Corridor’ during a prior evening and planned my return. The entry way is located at Square Victoria metro station in Montreal and connects to Palais des congrès. It seems to be an often missed corridor as it really connects one metro station to another and most will just ride the train one more stop.

I set up right at the  beginning of the corridor as this was the part I had seen and wanted to shoot. I love the clean white look of the hallway. I added a bit of white vignette in post-processing to lighten up the edges slightly. I also had a few touch-ups to do on the floor as some of the tiles had cracked with age.

ISO 100 | 11mm | f16.0 | 0.3 sec

The next stop was the main location I was looking for. It was an odd sort of room with this big blue thing in the middle. I ducked into a corner so I could get a good angle as well as the curvature of the room. I was lucky enough to get there during a quite time, so I really didn’t have to wait for people to clear out. The final image below needed only minor touch ups. A few cracked tiles, and the light on the far right wasn’t working. I was able to mask in the light, but was unsuccessful with the projection onto the wall. I left it out, but did you notice until I told you?

ISO 100 | 11mm | f16.0 | 4 sec

The walls of the corridors had these interesting pod like lights in the walls that almost looked like eyes. I loved the color texture of the walls playing off the lights. I had trouble positioning myself well enough to get it all in, even with the widest lens I had, but I found a little alcove a little further that allowed me to take the following shot. Only minor touch ups needed.

ISO 100 | 13mm | f16.0 | 0.8 sec

The last shot I took was the bookend of the corridor where I took the first image. I like the whiteness of the location competing with the blue/green of its opposite wall. It isn’t a fantastic image, and definitely my least favorite of the bunch. I’ll have to re-look at the shots I took of this specific area when I get some time. I also find the detail in the image really compresses badly at smaller sizes. Enlarging the view helps

ISO 100 | 11mm | f16.0 | 0.3 sec

When the corridor was over, so was the photo shoot. I didn’t find much appealing afterwards, so I headed to my second shoot of the day … which is the next post.

For more details about the exact locations of these shots, or their settings, visit my Flickr feed. Photo shoot took place in January of 2012.

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