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My Next Dream Lens

So I am a bit under internal debate. I have been checking out the Canon 24-105 f4 EF L lens recently and I was pretty sure that this was the next good lens I wanted to buy in the next few years. It had been labelled as one of the best travel lenses you can buy, and the range seems pretty perfect when I look at the images I usually take with the Canon 14-40mm I have been using for walking around.

I have recently decided that my next camera would be the Canon 5D full frame DSLR. I want to make sure that all my future purchases are geared to that camera. I would loose access to my Tokina, which I love, but what are you going to do.

So the debate I have been having is whether or not an f4 is really the way to go. I love that my Tokina goes to f2.8 as it helps with the high ISO issues I am having with the T1i. I also like the depth of field that I get at the lower f-stops.

I have also looked at the Canon 24-70EF L  f2.8. It doesn’t have the range the the 24-105 has but it has the f2.8. Not sure what to do, but I have some time before I can buy another lens.

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