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Out with the Kids – Cap Saint Jacques


I took the boys out to mess around in Cap Saint Jacques one winter afternoon. It was  around sunset, so I was hoping that while I was there, I might be able to capture the another great sunset like the one the year before. When we got by the water, the ice was still pretty thick, so I wouldn’t be getting the reflections I had achieved last year. The kids started playing with the ice that had washed up and froze into long flat chunks.

I always wanted to play with my 10-stop ND to get the sort of barren landscape photographs I have been seeing lately, and the location was a good place to try. The ground went on into the distant mountains, and three rocks the kids had thrown filled in the foreground nicely. There were a bunch of cross country ski trails that messed up the shot, but those were easily fixed in post-production. The only other adjustment I made was to even out the sky a little as there were a few wisps of cloud that needed to be removed.

I tried a few shots as the sun set, but it was getting cold so we headed back. The kids finished off the shoot by taking a few pictures themselves of the setting sun.


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