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Paris – Travel Photoshoot

Museum Night

The trip to Paris was fantastic. When I reviewed my photos, I really didn’t see much I liked. It wasn’t until I dug a little deeper that I started to feel more comfortable with the images. There really seems to be an auto-focus issue with my camera. I am not sure if the Canon T1i just has lousy AF, or I am doing something wrong, but the focus is pretty soft. It is probably a little of both, but I am going to start playing with manual focus for a while. It might be a simple as not being aware of what shutter speed I can sustain at hand-held.

A Few Comments from the Shoot:

  • Paris is great in Black and White. I think the architecture just fits with it.
  • You can’t be in Paris without taking a few of those touristy images.
  • The weight of photo equipment can really effect you. Messenger bag just didn’t work. You need something with a little more even support. My back was hurting after a while.
  • Walking around snapping pictures as you travel is great, but you really have to take your time and be willing to stop and set up.
  • If you go out wanting to take a great picture, be prepared that it might not happen.
  • HDR doesn’t work without a steady camera. Most of my shots didn’t light up on the longer exposure.
  • During a romantic nighttime stroll, where you are sitting in the courtyard of the Louvre, if your wife will wait for a few 4min exposures and setting up of a tripod, she is a keeper.

Images from the Shoot:

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