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My name is Kevin Hardy, and I am a Graphic Designer & UI/UX Team Lead in sunny Montreal, Canada. I have spent the last 15+ years working for different design and marketing companies, designing for various media including print, web and interactive. My love for Photography goes back further than that. After graduating high school, I took a couple of photo classes in CEGEP and was using a Pentax K1000 to shoot images in both Black & White and Color. I was taking all types of photographs – from street shots, portraiture, architecture & landscape, even going as far as fooling around with Infra Red film. I even was a darkroom monitor and had a fine selection of photo paper sitting in my home. Buying a camera, a good camera, was never top on my list. It was an expensive hobby that I couldn’t afford or had other priorities that needed those funds. It always was in the back of my mind, but I soon stopped taking artistic photographs as life, marriage and kids kept me pretty busy.

Twenty years later, in the summer of 2010, I decided it was about time I got back into it. I purchased my first DSLR and started to learn my way back into photography. My photographs are about my development as a photographer from a current amateur onward. Visit my blog, as it details the events I go through to advance my skills