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Day 4.0 – The Shot

So here it is! 11 years later with 1 month of planning, a whole bunch of miles & money, and a lot of new learning – all for this picture (more or less).

I left Grenoble pretty early with my new camera all set up and ready to go. It was dark as I drove, and I could see the clouds turning red as I got closer. I was stuck behind a slower car on a curvy road that was making it hard to pass. A truck driver behind me was really really close. At one point, while braking because of the guy in front of me, I could see him about a foot from my back bumper and slightly jack knifing. Scared the living crap out of me. He was able to slow down, but still kept pretty close. The next chance I got, I just gunned it past the car and as far away as I could. I pulled into my spot which was a little more overrun with vegetation than I remembered. I quickly set up my tripod before the red sky disappeared.

It was really quite. You could hear the church bell go off every once and awhile and I actually heard a dog bark in the valley. It was very relaxing.

The picture above was taken as one of the first images. I love the red clouds, but the very pale sky is a little disappointing. The clouds were moving towards the mountains, so as I stayed longer, the sky got less and less interesting. I was really happy after I took this shot. Even if this isn’t one of my best shots, I am very happy with the result. I don’t plan on using it in my portfolio, but it adequately portrays how it felt to be there at that moment.

The biggest problem I had was with the new camera. It worked perfectly, but it was hard to move around the interface as I really wasn’t used to the buttons and their locations. I used to focus by switching to live view and zooming into the subject to then manually focus. This was a great trick I had read, but I couldn’t find the live view button. It made it tricky focusing in the dark, so I just set it to infinity and then pulled back a little.

All that said, the photo is decently sharp.

Just for your reference, here is the original picture taken 11 years ago at the same spot with a disposable camera:


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