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Vermont Trip – Part II

As we drove on and stopped in a few locations, I still found that I was rushing my shots. I was impressed with how Brad took his time and had more of a mellow view of things. We ended up finding a covered bridge that was interesting and we stopped for awhile. The season was still causing issues and the shots around the bridge really weren’t all that spectacular. I was able to get one shot that was decent, but only in Black and White.

I also took a shot of the river with my new 10 stop ND filter, but it was nothing worth showing. I really have to keep playing with this filter as it looks like it can create some pretty cool effects.

As we drove on we found a small town and an interesting train bridge. We took some shots from different angles and then went around the back. Since I really couldn’t get anything interesting out of it, I peaked around a corner and found a fantastic subject. There was an old train car sitting in a field about 100 feet away. It was bright red and rusty and I took a couple of great shots.

My favorite shots where when I got in close to get the texture of the train car.

We did find a few other cool spots as we traveled back, but only one that really stood out. As I mentioned in a previous post the lower area was pretty flooded. We took the ferry from Vermont to New York and came across an old barn/garage that was surrounded by flood water (Image above). The colors with the setting sun, blue water, green grass and red barn were fantastic. This has become my favorite shot of the entire day.

A Few Comments from the Shoot:

  • Season is very important – We were totally off season
  • Still have to figure out the 10 stop ND filter
  • Sometime great locations are around you, you just have to look (sounds corny)
  • Again, I have to take my time and not be in such a rush

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